Templeton Secondary school


Applying to the STEM Program

For the STEM 8 Cohorts…

Entrance Testing
To be as inclusive as possible there is no entrance test requirement, only an expression of interest.

Is Project Based Learning right for me?
Being part of a project-based learning cohort is quite different from regular courses.  For many, student-centered project-based learning in groups is a highly engaging environment.  Other students do not thrive in this setting, preferring the more direct approach and individual work of regular classes.  Students who derive the greatest benefit from the STEM program are naturally curious, work well in groups, and will use the flexibility of the program to explore topics of personal interest.

I live in catchment; how do I apply?
In-catchment students who apply on or before the December deadline (last week of school) will be entered into a lottery. If you miss the deadline, your application will become part of the wait-list, in the order it is received.

If I live cross-boundary, can I apply?
Yes. Because it is not a district program, local students are placed before cross-boundary students can be accepted. Apply cross-boundary starting on the first school day of February, through the school board website. If there are spaces, your application will enter a lottery. If both cohorts are already full, your application will be put on a wait list in the order it was received. In most years, there have been two STEM 8 cohorts with a mix of local and cross-boundary students.

For STEM 9 to STEM 12…

It is completely acceptable to enter the program part-way through. We on-board new students every year without any problems. Where space permits, Templeton students may join the STEM program in any grade by contacting their grade level counselor or applying cross-boundary.  For students already in the program, continuation to the next year can be subject to available spaces.  In the situation where a cohort is over-subscribed, placements will be made by lottery to students who have a high degree of initiative, perseverance in the face of failure, and commitment to growth as a learner.

Student Application Form

** Application Deadline: Last regular school day in December