One-of-a-kind project-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education at Templeton Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

STEM 11/12 Compressed Air Rockets

Given the challenge to develop a sensor-based parachute deployment system, the senior STEM students learned coding, electronics, and all about compressed-air rocketry.

STEM 9 Crystal Growing

Junior STEM students learn the basics of chemistry and the periodic table through crystal growing.  Working with the common salt Alum, they develop skills necessary to grow seed crystals, and move onward to grow larger crystals.

STEM 8 Bristle Bots

Our newest inductees took on the challenge of modeling the behaviour of gases with tooth brushes and small motors.  Commonly known as Bristle Bots, students developed models that would behave in a way that modeled gas particles, then used them in aggregate to illustrate common gas phenomena like mixing, diffusion, and Brownian motion.

This STEM 8 project retrofitted a 1970’s glider into a fully motorized RC plane!

STEM 9 Capstone - The ASL flex glove, designed by a team of STEM 9 students, converts hand gestures into text using Arduino for students who are non-verbal.

This STEM 9 crew designed and built their own cellphone microscope.